Which are the advantages of ExportPlus?
Obtain a preliminary opinion and insurance quote during the commercial contract negotiation;
  • Fast track and real time coverage (on rated counterparts);
  • 24/7 service online.

Who’s the typical ExportPlus user?

ExportPlus is an efficient web portal for companies requiring standard credit insurance coverage. The user must be the legal representative of the insured company.

Does ExportPlus allow the assignments of the policy rights to banks?

Yes, with the exception of a few countries which the system will automatically show.

Which are max and min cover?

If the counterparty is a bank, the max cover is EUR 10 million with a max tenor of 5 year maximum. If the counterparty is a foreign company, the max cover is EUR 2,5 million.

Is there any country limit?

Yes, ExportPlus has a country ceiling system, determined by SACE analysts.

Is there a fee for ExportPlus access?

ExportPlus is a free service which only pre-approved users can access However some services are not free.

Does ExportPlus have a security system?

Yes. ExportPlus enjoys the latest technologies in order to guarantee the maximum security.